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Effect wool, cloth wool, sock wool and needlework from reputable manufacturers.

*** Pattern of the week ***
25% discount on the stole *Miriam*
*** Special Offer: Filace Effetto ***
Unique yarn at a special price: 15% discount on Filace Effetto

*** New Colours: Filace Galanta ***
A noble mix of merino, cashmere and silk with a beautiful tweed effect

*** New: Opal Sweet Dreams 6-ply ***
Eight beautiful colourways invoke sweet dreams.

*** New: Lang Twin SOXX HappyStripes ***
One ball - two identical socks! Number one, self-striping...
*** New: Lang Twin SOXX StreetSoxx ***
One ball - two identical socks! ...and number two, with a gradient.

*** New: Opal Schafpate XI - The Wisdom of Sheep ***
Focus on the sheep: Opal Schafpate XI has arrived!
*** New Colours ***
BellaMia Summer: Dahlia - Lake - Mountain

*** New Patterns ***
Shawl *Galanta* - Shawl *LittlePretty* - Shawl *Claire*
*** New Patterns ***
*MixUp* - merry colours meet fascinating patterns

*** New: Schoppel Admiral ***
Beautiful solids - not only for socks

*** New: Lang Super SOXX CityRunner ***
SOXX and the City - new beautiful colours named after capitals

*** New: Opal Beautiful World ***
A journey around the world in eight enticing colourways.

*** New: Schoppel Wunderkleckse ***
Elaborately painted yarn - not only for socks.

*** New Patterns ***
Shawl *KathaMia* - Shawl *Rhapsody* - Shawl *EasyBizzy*
*** New: Opal Regenwald 15 ***
Great sock yarn in beautiful colorways from the Opal collection Regenwald 15.

*** New: Schoppel Cotton Ball ***
Cotton in soft colors with subtle shades.

*** New Patterns ***
Sock *Thusnelda* - Sock *Cordiana* - Sock *Oskar*

*** New: Lang TWIN SOXX EmotionSoxx ***
For two identical socks.
*** New: Filace Rhapsody ***
Beautiful, elegant yarn made of 100% silk.

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With this subscription, you will receive monthly shawls and stoles.
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