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Effect Wool, Lace Yarns, Patterns & Accessories

Effect wool, cloth wool, sock wool and needlework from reputable manufacturers.

*** Silver lining ***

A new surprise every two or three days!
*** Pattern of the week ***
25% discount on the shrug *Yukiko*
*** Opal Schafpate 13 - Faszination Schafpate ***
Eight beautiful colorways focus on the itinerant shepherds and their sheep.
*** Lang Super SOXX CapitalCities ***
As colourful and lively as the capital cities of Europe - in six lovely colorways!

*** New: Lanartus Cosmos Sock Handpainted ***
Wooly pleasure in a pair - for two identical socks
*** Selected Accessories ***
Colorways 2-Wristwarmers - Armstulpe *Xamina* - Armstulpe *FairyIndia*

*** Lang Super SOXX: SwissLakes ***
A touch of vacation with the charm of the Swiss Lakes.
*** Portfolio * ColorWays 2 * ***
6 patterns for models from the Moira with the wonderful color change.

*** Selected Scarves ***
Scarf *Lamora* - Scarf *RainbowLilly* - Scarf *Sharon*
*** New: Sesia Imperial ***
Superfine merino wool, precious cashmere and shimmering silk!

*** Subscription TücherRausch ***
With this subscription, you will receive monthly shawls and stoles.
Tuch *Sylvana* Tuch *Meliandra* Tuch *Skylla
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*** Subscription SockenLust ***
With this subscription, you will receive monthly patterns for socks.
Socke *Atrix* Socke *Euphoria* Socke *Hexa*
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