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Effect wool, cloth wool, sock wool and needlework from reputable manufacturers.

*** Christmas Calendar ***
From the 1st to the 26th of December we have our popular Christmas calendar for you.
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*** Silver lining ***

A new surprise every two or three days!
*** NEW: *Japanese Lace*-Club ***
24 enchanting designs, inspired by the Japanese style
*** Pattern of the week ***
25% discount on the cardigan *Pompadame*
*** Selected Stoles ***
Stole *Dicentra* - Stole *Kamadeva* - Stole *FeatherLeaves*
*** Schoppel Wolle Zauber Flower ***
Soft merino wool from Patagonia in wonderful colourways

*** New: Filace Catena Tris ***
The popular quality of Catena - now available as a variegated yarn!
*** Filace Kentara ***
Laceweight merino in subtly blended colours

*** Filace Quipu ***
Pure Baby Alpaca in a great spectrum of colours
*** Selected Socks ***
Sock *Jorah* - Sock *Andrea* - Sock *Franzi*

*** Special Styles: LeftOver ***
Loop scarf *Imagina* - Wristwarmer *Elusia* - Shawl *Elusia*
*** Selected Shawls ***
Shawl *Scabbia* - Shawl *MagdalenaB* - Shawl *SixtyStyle*

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